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Webster's defines SOS as "a distress call or signal for help", if you need help with streaming music or a related activity, you've come to the right place. Our Price of L$400 per month will deliver a quality 128 kbps, 100-listener stream for the grid musician or entertainer on our own dedicated server, no middlemen or resellers between you and the company you purchase your stream from. We have a very competent staff that is more than willing to assist in any of your streaming needs.

Our website exists for only one purpose, to help the grid musician/entertainer in his or her struggle to deliver a quality live online show. Whether you use our quality & competetive streaming service or not, feel free to download some helpful files, browse and learn from our tutorials or learn more tips and tricks about streaming and recording music, we will be constantly adding and updating our site, thank your for your visit.

Click here for the slurl to our office in Second Life where you can purchase your stream right now, and dont forget every sos stream also comes with a free website request page where your audience can search a database of your music quickly and effeciently, click here for details  of our free SOS-Request website page.




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